Day 1…very very early in the morning

Hello folks, I know you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for my blog entry.  I have to let my thoughts percolate and review the trip…unlike Kim who screamed at me everyday whilst poking me in the chest with her index finger , “you have to blog today!!!!!!!!”….it was quite traumatic.

So the trip started for me at 3 am when I left my home in Pensacola, FL to drive to Kim’s house to pick her up.  This is not my normal wake up time.   Around 5am I got very hungry, fortunately Bobby was preparing breakfast for us.

I picked Kim and all her accoutrements  up and we headed West…the wind in our hair and a song in our hearts….okay, with water/coffee in our fists and the AC on….poetic license, alright?

Things were uneventful (except for Kim screaming BRAKE LIGHTS every few miles) as we puttered along, taking in the scenery, reminiscing…just like it was suppose to be.

Kim was navigating as I was the driver (that’s how it works, right?) and I would ask her what our next road change was to which she would reply, “Dammit, listen when I tell you, I just told you 2 minutes ago”…so she would tell me again and 5 minutes later, I would ask her again.  See, when my brain gets tired the first thing to go is short term memory…and words…I forget the words….all the words…even the ones at the end of the sentence I just started.  Kim really liked this.

Anyway, we kept heading west…when we got to Dallas area, I started asking what our next road change, Kim told me we would take some road North…this confused me as we should be going West.  At this point I should tell you that I have the navigational abilities of a Centaur…I’m really good with directions.   So I asked her again…maybe a couple of times…She finally showed me her phone and the map looked like we were about to head East…so I asked her zoom out (Yes, I was driving 80 miles an hour in city traffic while doing this, so what) as she zoomed out the road from Dallas to Flagstaff was going due North.  Now, I knew I was really tired and maybe not quite firing on all 4 cylinders but that didn’t seem right.  Kim, loudly, explained to me that Flagstaff was North of Dallas.  There was a bit of silence while I tried to figure out just how I could have been so wrong about this ALL MY LIFE…so, using my hands (while driving with my knee) I said, Texas, NM, AZ showing how they were progressively further West, that’s when Kim chuckles and said, “oops, I recentered the map”…..

PS: Kim I didn’t proof read this






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